Counter IED/EOD, mines clearance and homeland protection

Ministry of Defence, Egypt
Ministry of Interior, Egypt
Ministry of International Cooperation, Egypt The Egyptian Airport Company, Egypt
Mines Action Programme, Egypt Armtrac Ltd., UK
ATOM Training, UK DefenCell, UK
Force Ware GmbH, Germany Guartel Technologies Ltd., UK
ISS Global (Dfuze), UK Point Blank Enterprises, Inc, USA
RolaTube Technology Ltd, UK Richmond Defence Systems Ltd., UK
Scanna, UK United Shield International, UK
Vallon GmbH, Germany

Aviation and private jets

Lufthansa Consulting, Germany
International Flight Network, Spain
Air Masters, France Value Group, Italy
Midwest Airlines, Egypt Air Partners, UK
Smart Aviation and private jets, Egypt Freetown Airport, Sierra Leone
Cleopatra Aviation and private jets, Egypt Prime Minister’s Cabinet, Egypt
Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan United Nations Peace-keeping Air Transport