Counter IED/EOD, mines clearance, and homeland protection

We protect lives, equip and train the troops, defeat the device, attack the network, and protect your homeland

HiSky Aerospace is proud to be the agent and representative of renowned international security and defence companies providing high-end equipment, innovative solutions, world-class technologies, systems, and training to support Counter IED and EOD disposal operations, mines clearance and homeland protection. HiSky Aerospace finds the niche business opportunity and brings in prominent aerospace, defence, and security manufacturers, and sees the operation across to complete fruition. Through this collaboration, HiSky provides integrated solutions to protect lives and your homeland:

Assess and meet the needs

  • Assess risks and threats
  • Define requirements and develop innovative integrated solutions throughout the counter terrorism, IED and EOD cycle of prevention, preparedness, and response
  • Bring in world-class suppliers and support implementation and project management.

Equip and train the troops

  • Body armours, camp parameters and troops protection
  • Military and policing training for best tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Simulation and demos.

Defeat the device

  • Search, detection, and confirmation
  • Destroy, disarm, and disrupt, as well as demining
  • Protect and counter measures.

Attack the network

  • Surveillance and forensics
  • Fingerprints and identity systems
  • Comprehensive Approach including pre-event and post-blast analysis.

Counter IED/EOD mines clearance and homeland protection innovative      products and systems include:

  • Special-purpose products; and explosives detection systems;
  • Search tools, Hook & Line Systems, and metal and wire detection equipment;
  • Bomb protection suits, body armor and armored plates;
  • Camp parameters protection gabions;
  • Drones and special-purpose drones;
  • Counter IED and EOD products, systems and parameters protection;
  • Demining machinery, systems, and C-IED robots;
  • UXO/EOD/bombs disposal equipment;
  • Disrupters;
  • Airfield lighting systems, portable EOD x-ray systems, optical and night vision systems;
  • Motion and acoustic sensors;
  • Fingerprint and identity systems;
  • Military and policing training programmes from world-class experts.