Aviation and private jets

HiSky Aerospace tackles aviation and private jets business with an innovative style. It is not just about selling or leasing jets, but rather a problem-solving and cost-effective holistic approach towards the market demand and potential opportunities. HiSky provides full state-of-the-art services throughout all related operations. These services include:

  • Aircraft and private jets leasing: Charter flights (groups/incentive/special operation), wet and dry leasing, business VIP jets sale and leasing; and
  • Airline companies’ setup: Feasibility, economic and technical studies, as well as airlines representation.

Our successful projects history in this work stream include:

Private jets leasing

Upon request by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (PMC) in Egypt, HiSky Aerospace carried out an extensive research and studies of the private jet market in the Middle East and Europe. HiSky provided the PMC with consultancy services on flight routes and cost-effective solutions to the aviation needs of the PMC. These included project management services necessary for the launch of the enterprise and its smooth operations.