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HiSky has a diversified portfolio, cross-cutting several areas and handling different types of clients and projects in the fields of C-IED & EOD tools, equipment, homeland protection, aviation and private jets leasing, and sustainable development. The multiplicity in our projects, activities and network gained us rich experience, increased expertise and enhanced our added value in our services and approach. We are able to find innovative solutions, create market entry strategies and ensure a successful business journey towards our clients’ goals. 


Cross-sectoral services: agency, consultancy, managerial, coordination and logistics services

  • Agency: Tendering, contract negotiations, advice and support prior, during and post implementation, including pre- and after-sale services;

  • Consultancy: Carrying out situation analysis, monitoring of business opportunities and creating investment cases, strategy development, making recommendations, finding innovative solutions and problem-solving support;

  • Investment and strategic support: Development of market entry strategies, provision of investment plans and clients’ portfolios that are diversified in terms of sectors, work streams, and stakeholders and relevant to the market of interest;

  • Technical support: Provision of technical advice and timely assembling of highly-qualified technical staff on call all through the project life cycle;

  • Project and operations management: Provision of project management services since inception till project completion, including ground support and operations coordination; and

  • Logistics support: Organizing, liaising and facilitating meetings, travels, events and logistics.

Scope of products and services

C-IED & EOD Tools, Equipment and Homeland Protection

  • Counter IED products, systems and parameters protection;

  • Special-purpose products; and explosives detection systems;

  • Demining systems, and body armour;

  • Airfield lighting systems, EOD x-ray systems, optical and night vision systems

  • Motion and acoustic sensors; and

  • Agency services and representation for security, demining and defence companies.

Aviation and Private Jets

  • Aircraft leasing: Charter flights (groups/incentive/special operation), wet and dry leasing, business VIP jets sale and leasing; and

  • Airline companies setup: Feasibility, economic and technical studies, as well as airlines representation.

Sustainable Development 

  • Provision of basic minimum and development needs as a cornerstone in the overall country sustainable development efforts;

  • Advocacy and resource mobilization for community-based initiatives;

  • Development of project proposals and provision of full project management and logistics services; and

  • Partnering with local NGOs, international development organizations and governmental entities in different fields including education and healthcare.

Added value

  • Strong diversified network of partners and profound extensive knowledge of the political, economic, legal and business environment wherever HiSky operates;

  • Business intelligence, consultation and knowledge sharing in support of projects and operations all through their life cycle;

  • Adaptability to local context, resources, best practices, as well as provision of information intelligence as per the local market needs and business context;

  • Keeping clients’ up-to-date on local situation in all relevant areas to ensure opportunities are captured and risks mitigated, turning them into investment cases in support of our clients’ strategic priorities;

  • Streamlining logistics, operations and procedures to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency of current and potential processes, projects and business opportunities;

  • Partnership building and technical teams assembling as relevant to the client’s and  project’s needs; and

  • Creating enabling environments and ensuring best use of resources and business opportunities to secure our clients’ leadership and accomplish their goals.