We believe that safety and security is a basic human right. The human capital cannot survive and thrive except in a safe environment.


Egypt, Middle East and North Africa will be the safest and securest region where their culture, civilization, heritage, riches and values truly emerge to its full potential to prosper their citizens and fellow humans around the world.


HiSky, through its mission, genuinely lives up to its belief and is firmly determined to work diligently towards its vision within its values. HiSky contributes to attaining its vision by becoming the leading agent to supply aerospace, defense and security innovative solutions, and world-class technologies, products and systems that cause no unnecessary harm and are at best prices for the markets in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa. HiSky strives to make every business experience an exceptional one for our customers and suppliers. HiSky finds the niche business opportunity and brings in renowned aerospace, defense and security suppliers of premier quality products and sees the business through to complete fruition.


  • Carry out socially-conscious businesses

  • Honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability for our words and actions

  • Transparent, collaborative and respectful engagement

  • Follow efficient and effective best practices.

Basic Data

Location: Cairo, Egypt.

Website: www.hiskyeg.com

Work sectors: C-IED & EOD tools, equipment, homeland protection, aviation and private jets leasing and sustainable development.

Areas of expertise: Agency services, consultancy, market analysis, development of market-entry strategies, monitoring of business opportunities and creation of investment cases, pre- and after-sale services, project management including operations and logistics, as well as technical support relevant to projects/clients needs.

Geographical coverage: Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East.

Business partners: International agencies, multinational companies, public and private sectors, governmental entities and non-governmental organizations.

Staff: Sixteen highly qualified staff of both genders specialized in technical areas relevant to the following work streams:

  • Aviation and private jets;

  • Security, demining and defence;

  • Sustainable development; and

  • Business administration, financial, strategic and project management.

Outsourcing and assembling of specialized teams take place as and when needed.

HiSky is TRACE certified: HiSky Aerospace has successfully completed TRACE certification, an internationally recognized due diligence review. Certification by TRACE signifies that HiSky Aerospace has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming during the review process. TRACE certification underscores HiSky’s commitment to commercial transparency and anti-bribery compliance.


Hatem Farrag

Managing Director

HiSky Aerospace (C-IED Tools, Equipment & Homeland Protection)

13 Giza Street, Giza, EGYPT

Tel.: +20 122 210 6102 / +20 100 210 6102

E-mail: hatem@hiskyeg.com 

Website: www.hiskyeg.com

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