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HiSky Aerospace partnering with Brazilian counterparts

HiSky Aerospace partnering with Brazilian counterparts, Cairo, 9/12/2017

Jungmann ends visit to Arab countries with strengthening of defense industrial base. The last stop of the Brazilian defense minister's delegation, Raul Jungmann, before returning to Brazil on official visits to the Arab countries, was in Cairo (Egypt) for a meeting with government and the industrial defense base representatives.

For Jungmann, in addition to strengthening bilateral cooperation in the area of defense, the meeting should also result in a series of joint initiatives that could strengthen the markets of both countries, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experiences in defense, technology and cooperation in areas which may be of common interest to both parties. "This visit could be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship for the defense industries of both countries," emphasized Karim Darwish, a member of parliament and vice chair of the Egyptian Council on Foreign Relations. He said that the fact that Brazil is a peaceful nation and that it respects the sovereignty of other countries makes diplomatic relations, especially in the area of defense, even more receptive. Karim Darwish also pointed out that Brazil is a fair country with historically balanced positions.

The Director-General of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Michel Alaby, also joined the Brazilian delegation and explained that the Arab bloc is now Brazil's fourth largest trading partner. He left satisfied with the conversation with African entrepreneurs. "The meeting was very good, I believe that good business can go forward," he said.

Hatem Farrag, Managing Director of the Egyptian company: Hisky Aerospace, specializing in aviation and defense, stressed that the company works with the best security and defence equipment available in the international market and showed interest in partnering with Brazil: "Our company works very close to the Egyptian Armed Forces, especially in the fight against terrorism. We want to diversify our suppliers and Brazil has the products we need, we have to overcome the challenge of distance and find ways to work together, "said Farrag.

"In all the countries visited, it was possible to confirm the desire to have Brazil as a partner country and the interest in ALTAVE solutions. I returned from the mission with firm intentions and actions in the short term. I am sure that the fruits of this mission will be obtained soon, "said Leonardo Nogueira, a Brazilian businessman who was part of the delegation. Paulo Junqueira, from NOVAER, also commented on the contacts made during the trip. "Meetings with Egyptian businessmen proved very helpful and demonstrated great interests in the capabilities of the Brazilian defense industry and prospects of partnerships in the near future," he said.

After the meeting, the Brazilian delegation returned to Brazil. The Brazil-Egypt diplomatic relations were established in 1924 and were further enhanced after the establishment of the Republic of Egypt (1953). The legal framework that allowed for bilateral cooperation initiatives made it possible to strengthen political dialogue and intensify trade flows since the 1960s. In 2010, Egypt became the second extra-regional partner to sign a Free Trade Agreement with MERCOSUR.

By Adriana Fortes
Media Advisory (Ascom) defense Ministry
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