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Counter IED & EOD Tools, Equipment and Homeland Protection 

HiSky is proud to be the agent and representative of a number of renowned international security and defence companies providing high-end services and products to support projects and partners’ activities in the areas of C-IED & EOD tools, equipment and homeland protection.

  • Counter IED products, systems and parameters protection;
  • Special-purpose products, and explosives detection systems;
  • Demining systems, and body armour;
  • Airfield lighting systems, EOD x-ray systems, optical and night vision systems

  • Motion and acoustic sensors; and

  • Agency services and representation for security, demining and defence companies.

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HiSky News & Highlights

HiSky's C-IED & EOD Hub

Booth no.: 1245, Hall 1 at Egypt Defence Expo- EDEX 2018

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HiSky Aerospace at Egypt Defence Expo-EDEX 2018, Cairo, Egypt, 3-5 December 2018

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HiSky Aerospace partnering with Brazilian counterparts, Cairo, 9/12/2017

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Aviation and Private Jets

HiSky tackles aviation and private jets business with an innovative style. It is not just about selling or leasing jets, but rather a problem-solving and cost-effective holistic approach towards the market demand and potential opportunities. HiSky provides full state-of-the-art services throughout all related operations. The following is one of the projects in this sector.

  • Aircraft leasing: Charter flights (groups/incentive/special operation), wet and dry leasing, business VIP jets sale and leasing.
  • Airline companies setup: Feasibility, economic and technical studies, as well as airlines representation.

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Sustainable Development

HiSky does not work in isolation from its surrounding environment locally, regionally and globally. We believe that being successful is intrinsic to playing a positive role and making a proactive contribution in developing the community where HiSky operates. We closely collaborate with NGOs, governmental entities, civil society and international development programmes to ensure that our values and services extend, beyond pure business and profits, to benefit those around us. We provide services such as:

  • Provision of basic minimum and development needs as a cornerstone in the overall country sustainable development efforts 
  • Advocacy and resource  mobilization for community-based initiatives

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